Antex iTrainer365

AntexCloud highlight: iTrainer365, the innovative educational chatbot that will help your employees gain and master Office 365 skills step by step!

Ensure that your employees know about key Office 365 products, features, and how to use them! The bot will provide non-intrusive daily training and help you monitor individual employee performance.

Antex iTrainer365 helps your employees with the following:

  • Daily training videos (1-2 min) on Microsoft Office 365
  • Tests your knowledge and saves training history
  • Training advice from Microsoft Office 365 trainers
  • Works in chats of Microsoft Teams

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Free and Paid version differences

Daily training task from wide database
«Progress» comand – tests current status based on training history
«Test» command – tests on particular subjects
English version (interface and content)
«Question» command – gets a response from a human trainer Without guaranteed deadline 1 workday
«Company» command – lets you specify your company
«Settings» command – the ability to get daily assignments according to the desired schedule
Technical support
Receipt of monthly progress status report of employees by email
Ability to add your training program In development